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We know that “Dance” came about on the set of the 1983 Broadway production when a production staff member noticed a dance form on the floor and decided to call in to the producers. They wanted a different type of dance to be incorporated into the work’s set design. In later years, they were approached with requests for their original concept for “Dance”. In the 1970s, they had a hit with a version of “Wake Me” on its album, “Dance. A.” However, the music has been out of print since the early 1980’s with only the “Dance. A.” album available today. They had some success in the US with “Dance. A. I,” a live-action short in 1975, but it was not a success. However, they made “Wake Me” a hit in the UK.

In 1983, the company expanded into the television and recording world. Since then, the company has continued to produce “Dance. A.” on the radio, as well as the film version. After that, the company began doing short animation (also known as animation shorts) for movie soundtracks, and also had films produced and remastered into high-gloss, high-definition, high-quality black-and-white master. That includes the film “Dance. E.,” a film created in 1994.

The company has made contributions to other forms of art. They have also created a large variety of other forms of art, including the book album, “Dance. A.” books that also feature the song, “Dance. E.” as a theme song. These books feature dance works by a handful of artists. The company released the “Dance. A.” book for the first time on DVD in 2000, and has also been doing several remastered copies. The company has been distributing these remastered copies as well as re-releases of the first film. On the website, you can read reviews of many of the more popular re-releases and you can read a collection of the original “Dance” single covers on our site.

Some of our artists are noted in the credits as producing the “Dance” music. They are:

“Barry White”

“A$AP Rocky”



“DJ Zane”



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