Can can dancers? – Purpose Of Belly Dancing

Well I was one of the dancers once and I guess I can tell you, there were a lot of ladies dancing that night. I will say as a dancer and what we were learning in our music class, is that there are different ways to express things, especially with a certain level of sophistication. We learned that in the club and we were dancing in the club and we were taking a lot of notes. One of the notes had a line that ended in the word “dancer.” The guy asked me if I was really in the club and I laughed, I didn’t know what to say. We did the same things, I guess my first dance at home was a dance that was a little bit more formal. We were dancing and I was trying to get my foot under the bar and the guy’s looking at me and he had a look I would call an expression of horror and I said “hey dude, what the fuck?” because he asked me, “is this a dance that I am supposed to be in?” I wasn’t talking about being in the club because we never wanted to be in the club after that because, it was one of these things where there were no other dancers that were there and I was the only dancer in front of me. I was standing there trying to take over the floor. I tried to take some notes, trying to learn from my partner, trying to learn from the guy, but I mean, my partner is a really good dancer and that means nothing to him. I could see my partner giving up and trying to go and take back time and the other dancer had taken over the floor, which is usually what we expected from the guy. I remember getting really uncomfortable for a couple of hours because I had taken over the floor but I was the only dancer, the rest of the guys didn’t touch me, they just took my space. In a way, I think, when that happens, sometimes, with me standing in the corner of the club, I know at the very best that I am going to get beat up. I do know that there will certainly be somebody who is going to try to take over the stage at least at one point in the show because there were no dancers there, there was only me. As for my partner, he is a really good dancer and I thought he was going to try and take back a few minutes of my life because I didn’t really have a partner, I was a soloist. We didn’t really see eye to eye on things so,

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