Can can skirt for girls? – Purpose Of Belly Dancing

Boys like it – too. Many guys love getting a taste of the ladies’ touch when they’re playing. That’s because men really are “game.” They love sex. They love that you’re getting hard and ready to give them pleasure.

That said, it’s important to remember that women are not the same as men in so many ways. In my book, the following are seven ways that girls can skirt the line between “game” and sexism.

The Game of Women is All About “Lust”
Esin Engin & His Orchestra* - Turkish Belly Dance Music (1983 ...

“Lust” is a big one. While men may talk in hyper-masculine terms about their sexual prowess, women talk differently. Many women are very open about their sexuality and the pleasure they prefer. Even without a sexual partner, it feels good to talk about your sexy time. Some girls might like to learn about sex, but it’s important to remember that all women are sexual beings in their own way, and they’re just as interested in sexual experiences as are men. “Lust” is what attracts these women.

Game is about Men

“Games” are based on strategies, tactics, and tactics. For example, “game” may be more about getting a girl’s number via texts, texts are an excellent way to do that. It gives her all the information she needs to know what to say. It gives you the “feel” of the girl. It’s also a way to let her “talk your game into that phone,” while not being creepy. The text message game can be very effective as a way to be persistent.

Game Is About Self-Assurance

Women do not like uncertainty. They like having a “get a handle on it” mentality. As opposed to a man, she may not have a way to guarantee that she’s never getting turned down or rejected again because she’s not up to date, or because it’s her boyfriend’s wedding night and not you.

Game Is An Effort

A lot of guys may enjoy playing games to test and see how far they can get with a girl, and how far they can go in just a few texts or two (i.e., they “test”). Some guys even love making a girl wait. The idea is that they’re testing her limits. The idea is that they’re testing her limits. But a lot of girls have no idea how to properly test them – just like no man’s ever tested the limits of a woman.

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