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Well, a recent study in Britain has found you might be missing out on important clues to your looks.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool found that people who danced to this rhythm were found to have smaller waists than men who didn’t dance, even if they wore the same size T-shirt.

The researchers believe this could be due to the fact that dancing to this rhythm has a tendency to produce a short-lived rise in blood volume, which makes the belly appear smaller when someone’s heart is beating faster.

But this rise disappears once the dance is over, meaning the waist of the dancer is no larger than everyone else’s.

The researchers say this may indicate that when dancing to a rhythm is successful, it increases blood flow into the body, giving rise to higher blood levels, and a longer life.

But this could be an indicator of poor health if people choose to keep up this practice even when their bodies are in dire straits.

The data was collected from 1,003 British adults aged 22 to 77. They were asked: ‘How often do you dance to the rhythm of the heart beat?’

Of people in the top half of each scale, the data showed that those that danced more, and did it more vigorously, had larger waists.

The study is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
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The researchers found men that danced to rhythm in a manner that gave them a lower belly than men who did not dance were also found to be smaller than men who just danced.

Dr. Ian Jackson, who lead the research at the University of Liverpool, said: ‘While it is true that dancing to a beat has been associated with having a smaller waist in previous research, this study does not support previous research, which suggests you get a shorter life when you dance to a rhythm such as the one that people who do not dance seem to use.’

The scientists looked at people’s waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio, using magnetic resonance imaging.

This tells you how many inches you are tall.

They found that if a person moved to the rhythm, their waist circumference increased by about a centimeter a day.

But if participants went on to do something else that caused them to be inactive while not dancing, their waist circumference did not increase, but stayed in the same place.

Dr. Jackson added: ‘People who go on to use a healthy movement pattern are more likely to look

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