Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Outfit

I didn’t know it was possible to grow fat from belly dancing but my cousin who is a full-figured dancer told me about it, so I wanted to find my own version.

First, there was a belly-dancer who would teach me how to do belly dancing exercises. I could only do a few if I wanted to keep my body shape.

(Belly dancer is pictured at home on a dance studio in New York, US (credit: Getty Images))

I also had to learn how to dance while wearing a wig, makeup and pants. I was scared and so I started practicing, but not too much, because I wanted to make sure that it gave me the confidence to learn a lot more and go further.

But I also discovered that a lot of body shapes are different and some are even worse than others. Even if you get fat from belly dancing, the fat is not the bad thing.

I noticed that the belly dancer with the big belly was worse on all these fronts than the skinny dancer. I saw that the belly dancer with the big belly has much more energy, is able to lift his body up easily and is more agile, which can allow him to move around better.

He doesn’t have energy to dance the way I did though. He has to lift his body up every few seconds to dance properly. I still have to learn to dance while wearing a wig, makeup and trousers in front of crowds, because my belly was so big, I could barely jump straight because of the weight.

What it took for me to become a belly dancer

What I had to do was learn about body alignment, where the organs and muscles are. My friend suggested that I watch my belly dancer videos and start doing my exercises after. I watched a lot of videos but it’s easy to look at videos on Youtube and have a lot of confidence but if you don’t have confidence, I was worried that I would end up getting fat from belly dancing.

I also found that when I practiced my exercises, I realized that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. It’s so much easier to focus on what you’re doing in your belly dancing. The only difference was that I did a lot of exercises standing up.

How should I know if I’m becoming fat from belly dancing?

It took me so long to become a belly dancer, and I knew when I was fat from belly dancing and I thought I was in

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