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The Islamic legal system, according to some Sunni Muslims, considers dancing (and singing) “un-Islamic.” However, a recent study commissioned by the United Kingdom’s Department of Work and Pensions suggests that Islamic Sharia law allows for dancing in the privacy of one’s own home.

“The study, by University College London (UCL) Law School, analysed Islamic legal texts from six of the most important Islamic legal texts written in the modern era: the Koran, the sunna, sharia, the hadith and the tafsir. The research found Islamic law permitted non-sexual music in private spaces that are separate from the room with the person performing, according to the text,” reports the BBC.

A spokesman for the Birmingham city council said the music ban “should only apply to places open to the public, such as pubs or clubs,” but conceded the local Islamic community could “demand a compromise” and that the Islamic Supreme Court could “propose to lower the music level.”

In other words, Birmingham is letting Islamic conservatives control the public conversation about Islam.

Meanwhile, the British Humanist Association says that it would also like to know which of the seven British airports where Islamic burqas are allowed to be worn. If it could not say, it did not give a figure.

Theresa May has said Muslims should follow the law.

However, according to a recent Pew report, half of Muslims in the U.K. feel the system of British democracy is working, and only 14 percent would like changes, like a more Islamic election system or more “electoral accountability.” That is still an enormous gap to close, and will require far more than a change of British law to solve it.

However, Muslims will not stop whining that Muslims are treated differently because they are Muslim. This will not make them feel like they are any better. That will make them feel like they are a minority, and that means they have lost ground, and that they will continue to suffer from anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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