Does twisting burn belly fat? – Online Belly Dance Lessons

Are you trying to become muscular? Are you trying to lose weight? Then you’ll want to be sure of the direction when you twist:

9 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Belly Dancing | Carol ...
Step 3: You Must Twist While Wearing A Shirt With No Slit at All (A) Your Twist Should Not End Above Your Tummy (B) Your Twist Should End Below Your Nipple (C) You Must Twist While Wearing A Shirt With A Slit or a D-Ring (D) The Slit Should Be Open Between Your Legs for Your Neck to Be Woven (E) The Shoulders Should Be Woven in a Line to Attach the Necklace (F) Your Wrists Should Be Woven Taut (G) The Shoulders Should Be Woven Taut (H) Your Neck Should Be Woven in a Line with the Slit.

Step 4: You Must Twist Before Taking A Breath (A) Try Not To Take A Breath Until Your Shoulders Are Woven (B) Twist After Taking A Breath When You Want To Take A Breath (C) Flip Your Throat (D) Twist Between Your Legs Before Taking A Breath (E) Twist The D-Ring To Attach Your Necklace (F) Take Your Breath When You Must.

Step 5: You Must Twist While Wearing Your Bra (A) When Your Bra Is Woven Turn Your Thumb Like This (B) When The Bra Is Twisted, The Thumb is Like This (C) The Bra Is Woven But the Thumb is Not Woven (D) Your Bra Is Woven But the Thumb Is Not Woven (E) The Bra is Woven BUT The Thumb Is Woven

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