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The body fat is the largest fat cells. They will grow to fill the space you can’t grow naturally. If the size is too big you won’t have much fat to gain. It’s the other way round. If you lose fat and build muscle and build a more muscular body then you’ll have more energy, be able to lose those excess calories more quickly and be able to build on that.

How fast can I lose weight then build muscle?

It will take some trial and error but you will have lost as much fat as you can without gaining any more muscle. The trick is to eat a lot of calories. Eat 2,500 a day for the first six months. Then build on this using other supplements, such as fish oils, whey protein, ginseng, garlic, turmeric (I use both at the same time) and lots of vegetables. Also, take a vitamin every day.

What will the changes to my body and skin look like?

The first three months you will probably look better than your current physique. After that you will have lost a lot of the fat but will notice some changes. You’re going to have a thicker skin, you’ll be looking a lot younger, you’re going to develop facial hair and you’re going to start developing a beard. You’ll look even better after a year or two.

This is why people stop losing weight so quickly it turns from a dieting plan into a fitness programme. Then the best thing to do is to take a short break from dieting as the loss doesn’t last.

What works for me?

We all have different body shapes. Some of the most important things to do for the first few months is to get as much lean mass as you can. If you’re going to build more muscle you should probably take some weight off first because then you’re more likely to build more muscle as well. It may just be enough to change your body shape and make it fit for life.

What supplements should I take?

You need to take a supplement every day. You can’t gain weight on a protein shake, if you take a protein shake you need to increase the quantity. Supplementing is really important because when you eat a lot you’re burning more calories and getting more muscle. I normally take an amino acid called Leucine. I take a meal supplement with it, for example, Fish oil with leucine, and that’s the key thing.

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