How do you dance for beginners? – Belly Dancing History

If you want to get better at dancing for beginners you need the following.

1. Listen to music which gives you interest. A lot of people learn because they like the music, or the singer or the music it’s from. It’s up to you to make sure you don’t listen to too much music, you should start out with the least popular one. (For me, the most popular singer currently is Lady Gaga.) If you’re really interested, start listening to old stuff and stuff from the 70’s or 80’s, it gets boring after a while and you’ll find it too hard to focus on what’s coming next.

2. Make some basic dance moves. Once you move a little you should start using simple dance moves to get into the flow if you want to perform better in the dance. You don’t need to learn every technique, and you don’t need to learn every step, just some of the basic moves.

3. Practice some of the basic moves with your partner until you have them down to a basic level. Practice more than you should, you need to practice and practise a lot until you develop a rhythm, technique and timing so you can use them in the music more easily.

4. Start working on your own, you can always take lessons for free at any dance studio and learn what works for you. It may take you a few starts to get good enough to be your own dance instructor. So for now start out with a simple dance move and get into the rhythm of it. Practice until you have what you need for your dance routine.

5. Dance on and listen. Listen to the dance music from the moment you move on, in the beginning you shouldn’t focus on the music, just listen, be interested and follow the song. You should be able to follow it through a set on to perform a different song on your own.

6. Take yourself seriously. Everyone has their own idea of what’s going “in the right direction”, everyone will have their own way of doing things, you just have to listen to what they say about what they think is good. If someone does something a little different from what you do just be confident in them and it will change the way you feel about what you’re doing.
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Dancers are an extremely diverse group, in fact, you are a person and a dancer. Be yourself, feel free to be the person that you want your life to be in the world of dance!

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