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1. Open the drawer of the front cabinet that has the back cover. 2. Lift the screw that was set in the lower shelf above where the drawer would normally be. 3. Remove the three screws holding the top side of the top shelf down and lift the shelf and screw down until the shelf is off of the screws. 4. Now lift the upper shelf and screw it down again. 5. Slide the top shelf back in place.

Note: if you did it correctly, the screws will stay in place and the shelf won’t come off. Otherwise move on to the next step.

6. Lift the back of the cabinet into the top of the back cover.

7. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to bend the screw holding the top part of the drawer up over the front.

8. Push hard against the top surface of the drawer to pull it off.

9. Now lift the drawer in a half-turn. You just pulled off the lower portion of the back of the drawer. Now you need to put the drawer on to the rest of the cabinet and use the small flat-head screwdriver to get the two screws that were in the lower shelf forward.

10. Put the last screw in place and your drawer should now be sitting straight up.

11. To take the drawer off, slide the front shelf on and pull it down and away from the back wall of the cabinet.

12. Take your time, do not overdo it and it will be fine. Try to make this a bit of a challenge, but it will be worthwhile.

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Posted: 18:47 – 18 Sep 2018 Posted: 18:47 – 18 Sep 2018 Post subject: A quick step (without the screw) for getting the cabinet upside down.

Lift the drawer from your cabinet and gently pull it backwards towards you for a few seconds until the drawer is upright. Then carefully lift the drawer completely backwards over top of the cabinet so that it is sitting horizontally inside its back cover. As

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