How do you move your hips like a belly dancer? – Dancing Girl Drawing

Here’s a good example that we ran into when doing all the squats with the bar:

And here’s two more examples:

And now here’s a video of me doing some of these exercises. I have to pause from time to time to say thanks for watching. In the video, I break each sequence into two different movements. The first is a pause of five seconds. I do this to ensure that I’m not trying to do the entire movement before I pause. I’m only working on getting the hips closer back to the shoulders while keeping the hips moving forward. Then, as I’m moving the hips, I pause to push the hips back and pull the hips forward to prevent the hips from slipping forward, and it’s that back and forward movement that keeps the movement from getting too easy.

Another way to think about it is that if you’re stretching the hips, you’re trying to get the hips to move back and forward. That’s what you’re trying to do while the bar is on the floor. So as long as you’re doing that, you’re getting the hips closer back and forward by just bringing the thighs forward and pulling from both sides.

The best way we can help get the hips closer back and forward is to keep the legs as straight as possible while keeping the lower legs under the bar as tight as possible. So instead of trying to turn the legs into a V or V-shape, I prefer turning the ankles to a K or a K-shape. If a stretch of the hips makes the lower legs go away from the floor, well, you’re not stretching the hips. You’re turning the hips, which is what the squatting motion is supposed to do.
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Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a muscle tends to just go away from the floor while performing a movement like a squat. We don’t want the glutes to go away because that’s the way the motion is supposed to look, but if the muscles are really tight while squatting, and their position is really different while the squat is running, then it’s likely that you’re going to have trouble controlling the action. Try to put that muscle back into place if it’s really messed up.

What if my gluteus medius is still too tight?

When it comes to the gluteus medius specifically, we typically recommend that if your gluteus medius is really weak because if it’s weak then you really want to focus on the posterior chain

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