How do you move your hips?

There has to be some kind of force to force them into their full extension. When the knee comes off the ground or is brought back to the ground to stop from collapsing back to the ground, this causes a twisting motion that causes the hips to move in a different direction. Now when the knee is actually lifted off the ground, the hips will try to reverse their motion. What does this do? This would be the best way to move an object at the beginning of a match. This is exactly why I say to move your hips in full extension at all times. You never want to give the wrong impression in training, but you don’t even need to think about it, because you will notice when you see someone doing all the wrong things and don’t realize it.

The next question that you will likely ask yourself is “Why don’t you just squat normally?” I think it’s because with the amount of mobility you have to begin with, it is possible to do the squat on a regular basis. I have found that doing any kind of exercise with mobility is just too much stress for anyone. It also limits their range of motion and force delivery in the muscles of the legs and hips. With the ability to do normal squats you get a lot of flexibility in the whole body, which is really important for Olympic lifting if you are just starting out.

Here we go, the squat. Try it. It’s a really fun exercise. Take two or three reps so you can see if you like it. Do what you think you would like to do if you could lift the deadlifts. When you get to the bottom, think to yourself, “how am I going to do that?” Then do a lot of the exercises above in normal standing and squatting stance. Try to feel how far you can jump with that stance. Notice how much more comfortable both are with this posture? If it’s too uncomfortable, just switch to that deadlift stance and you are good to go. Remember to keep your eyes on the ground at all times as it is important to look at the bar as it comes in and out of your back pockets.

If you can do a full squat, a lot of people can get away with doing a full deadlift on a regular basis. I’m sure that after doing their first few cleans with their normal stance, you will be impressed and feel like they are at the stage where they are ready for Olympic lifting. What I want you to do is take some time and do all the