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It is not that hard, there is just a lot of practice required. A lot of it has to do with practicing your hip. But what you are going to see below is exactly what you should be doing in this exercise.

Begin in a low squat position with your butt just outside of a doorway that leads into a room with a window facing your right. If you are already there, you will most likely find this easy to do. If not, then just stand up and squat down a few times to get a feel for the position. Once you get comfortable with it, stand up and repeat the movement back for a number of repetitions until you have gotten the feel right. After that, switch to a lower squat position and repeat.

Once you get good at the basic hip position this should be fairly easy to learn because it doesn’t take long to get the hang of jumping to the next step.

This is another exercise that has been covered before and has been mentioned as an excellent hip flexor strengthening exercise. You can also find many resources online that talk about hip flexor exercises and how they can strengthen your hip flexors.

If you are looking to expand your hip flexor strength, check out this exercise. You can get great results with this if you do this only twice a day as your hip flexors start to fatigue from all the repetitions. Also if you have a lot of sitting around during the exercise you should consider performing this exercise in a seated position. You can do the exercise anywhere for this exercise.

How do you twerk?

I could list a number of other hip flexor exercises, but you already know most of them.

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