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And what is the punishment for it as well?

I do not want to lose my soul. I don’t want to become like Allah. I want to do what Allah has decreed from the time of the prophet until now.”

He started to sway back and forth as if he was being sucked.

“How can I do anything except what your Holy Prophet tells me? So Allah will keep his secrets.

The young man asked questions that had never been asked before.

He asked that the Prophet’s (Allah bless him and give him peace) commands not be questioned, not disobeyed, but to be obeyed by him. He asked that if there were more than three thousand angels, why did it not have all the three thousand?

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The Quran had said, ‘And the angels do not see who is close to them but say, “Allah loves whoever he loves. “‘” (19.2)

The young man asked about the third group of angels, the ones who were above the heavens, and his questioner said,

“I said, “No, this is a reference to you, O Allah’s Slave,” and he said, “The heavens and the earth are one house.”

They (al-Hasan and al-Husain) then asked him about the angels who live on the earth. He said,

“These are the angels of the earth who are above the rivers (and they) tell people that we all want to go down there to drink water.”

Then the young man asked about the angels who live in the heavens and asked what they tell people when they die. He then stated Allah’s answers that they are waiting for him and Allah is the one who decides everything.

Finally, he asked the young man as to the punishments because of the unbelievers. He said, “I told him and his companion and when they asked him how the punishment for them should be, then he told them how it should be. You may believe what he is telling you because he is not like us.”

He said ‘They are the unbelievers, but Allah is the first of all righteous people.’

He continued asking questions which had not normally been asked. Then he said, “No, this is a reference to you, O Allah’s Slave.”

The young man stood for about a minute, then sat down.

They then asked him why he took me out of Jann

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