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“It’s about the way I’m presenting myself in front of the crowd,” Leong says.
Belly Dance Moves: Hip Twists - This is like the Tunisian ...

A student of choreography, Leong says the most interesting part of his job is learning to recognize each movement and the choreographer’s intention.

“You have to remember, there’s a lot of elements that are a part of the song that you have to pay attention to, so you can’t just move your hand and make it move, but then the dancer moves her body around it, and that’s what makes it all work,” Leong says.

Leong says the dancers can only move so fast under a single direction, so there’s an element of movement and rhythm to a song that makes dancers very happy. She says the music needs to inspire dancers and the audience to follow along.

At first Leong was worried how to present the song in front of other dancers while not offending her students. But she settled on telling the story of how she lost her virginity at 22, and she said she felt no different if she told their teacher.

The students were ecstatic when she told them that she would teach them how to hold their own weight.

A video of Leong’s “My Body Is Not an Apology” performance goes viral.

The following was compiled and edited by the editors of The Ringer. For the most part, the names changed for privacy and security reasons.

It’s been a whirlwind start to the NHL season. There have been a few things that have kept us up at night at the blog and across social media (the “Twitter wars,” to pick one). And now, with the start of the season coming up, it’s been quite a little while since I’ve sat down with you guys and let you in on our thinking. Here goes.

Let’s start with the first-place New Jersey Devils (7-2, 10 points).

1. What did they do this year to go from one of the most disappointing teams in the league last year to one of the best in the league this year? What went different about them?

They had three players go down for significant injuries and, in addition, they were without Wayne Simmonds (foot), Anton Cramarossa (illness), Michael Ryder (broken leg) and Andy Greene (shoulder). It’s not a perfect season, but it was a lot different than last year.

They don’t have any stars

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