Is belly dancing attractive? – Silver Belly Dancing Costume

The answer is simple: it depends. This isn’t just one type of outfit either. We need to get the term “belly-dancer” and “belly-dress” out of the way as much as possible, and we need to think about what the whole point of this article is: What makes belly dancing attractive to you?

Are you a fan of:

a) hot ladies

b) a dancer who wears belly shirt

b) a dancing partner who also wears a belly dress

You’re all about a) and want to be with someone who is the same.

A) you want to get a good belly dancing lesson

If you’ve been dancing for some time at least you understand that there are more styles of belly dance than ever before. As your dancing progresses and you’ve become more confident, if a trend really grabs you then you will likely begin to dress in a way which appeals to everyone. The key is that you can still dance the same way you’ve always danced and that is a good place to start as well.

To get a good understanding of what belly dance is then you need to understand the basics of where belly dance is from and how it’s developed over the years. These are:


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