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Check out these tips and tricks about how to enjoy the body you’ve chosen.

In the end they all come down to one simple thing – you got to enjoy the moment. The experience and the body itself! Your partner knows how you felt and you know how you were feeling, and so there is a genuine feeling of connection and mutual pleasure, rather than the passive-aggressive rush of a “get up” or a “swing out.”

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A year ago, President Obama proposed new “fair share taxes” for wealthy Americans with incomes over $1 million.

Obama is right. They could use the revenue to reduce or eliminate the tax burden on middle-income families.

But Obama’s proposed income tax cuts for the top 1 percent would add little to the tax burden on middle-income Americans. His proposed reductions would raise $900 billion over ten years on a marginal basis — at what would seem to be about $250,000, in today’s dollars.

When Obama proposed this “fair share tax,” what was supposed to make them pay more was that they would pay less. The president called for raising tax rates on capital gains for a year or two, but in reality this would have only made the top 0.01 percent of earners pay more, not less, due to rising labor costs — a temporary measure.

The other reason that Obama’s proposed income tax cuts for the wealthy — the top 0.1 percent — increase the tax burden on the middle class is related to the income tax rate cuts he announced. The cuts for the rich would reduce the tax burden on the middle class more than the top 1 percent would.

The top marginal rate of 25 percent falls to 20 percent for individuals in 2018 and 2019, while the top individual tax rate falls to 28 percent — two of the highest tax rates in the developed world.
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The top individual income tax rate will remain at the highest rates that apply to the rich in most advanced economies, and that’s true even after the proposed income tax cuts come into effect.

Thus, in many cases the tax cuts for the top 0.1 percent will result in higher taxes for middle-class families.

This means that the lower tax rate enacted by President Obama will have a far greater effect on middle-class families than his proposed income tax cuts for

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