Is hip hop a culture?

Yes, of course!

Are we like hipsters today?

Yes! Just like any other kind of culture.

What if hip-hop is a subculture?

Subcultures can thrive on their own, like other subcultures. Hip-hop is just that.

The question of hip-hop being a subculture and that no one wants to join?

Well, that really pisses me off. There are so many good writers and people like that who wouldn’t be bothered if a rapper said something hateful, offensive, or threatening if people didn’t like it.

Hip-hop has just become an industry that is full of people who aren’t interested in people in general, who are interested in the money.

Do you want your kids to listen to hip-hop?

Yes, of course I do!

And do you have kids?

Yes, one is now. And the other is about a year younger and will be one year younger when I see her.

The way you say he said it was “hateful” is a good example of how “harsh” the phrase has become. That statement is so incredibly harsh that you are not even close to understanding how it’s supposed to be said.

That’s because I’m not sure that it can be understood by you. When I hear something “harsh”, I understand the meaning. When I hear something “harsh”, I understand how it’s supposed to be said. What you’re saying is that you think I’m “not that into rap”. What you’re saying is that you think the term “harsh” is somehow bad. And if I think that way, you, Mr. Rapist, don’t understand it. You don’t understand the phrase “harsh”. You don’t understand the context of how you use and what you say.

When you say that, did you write a rap on the way?


Oh. Do you want me to put that in your mouth?

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe I’ll.

What do you say to people who say they will move to Atlanta if it was only more urban music?

Well, then you are going to live in a more urban area. I know a lot of people who have moved to Atlanta because of urban music. It’s so much more interesting. You don’t see that here anymore