Is Waacking hip hop? – Belly Dance Fitness Fat-Loss – Shimmy Challenge

I like how he has the lyrics and production of a rapper, but the rapping is his own. It seems like the best thing ever. I love it. I’m getting it on iTunes for free.

The Weeknd: “Starboy” (ft. Daft Punk): A big song, I think. I get it, it’s a cool song. I’m not a big fan of it, though. I don’t listen to it too much.

Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z, “Formation”: I like this too. It’s a pretty funky song, with some good vocals and the right track. I just can’t believe I didn’t like it more.

Beyoncé: I was really excited about “Formation” because she told me she thought the verse was hot … you know, like her style. She always tells me I’m better than Jay-Z … but, she thinks the verse is good. I like it but I don’t really feel that it really deserves “formation.”

T.I.: I just listened to it and there didn’t seem to be too much difference. I don’t like it, because he’s being so vulgar. So I like that he’s a little more cool to me.
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Travis Scott: I didn’t really know T.I. was involved in the project. I heard about it when they made an album last summer called “In Da Club.” T.I.’s on the track, but it’s not too far off from his music too. It’s kind of a classic-style beat.

Snoop Dogg: I was listening to the album but I didn’t know anything about his part. I just heard that he was part of “Formation,” but I didn’t know how long it was supposed to be. I had no idea. But then they announced it. I like it.

Fifty Shades Of Grey: I like this song. The beat’s good. The video’s kinda interesting. But I don’t want it to get too sexual. [Laughs]


Drake: I like the video. I feel like it’s more the way the video went. Some of it reminds me of how they did the video for “The Motto.” It feels like the more hip hop and the more urban vibe there, the more like “the motto.” Drake’s got it.

What about the lyrics

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