Is Waacking hip hop? – Belly Dancing Owner Kitchen Nightmares

Waacked hip hop… I was like that. In fact, I was the first person to ever talk about hip hop in a way they hadn’t heard, like when I was really young, I was just doing hip hop, the lyrics were different, I was doing real things that nobody else was doing. So it’s a different type of music.

It’s a different type of art?

Yeah, it’s an art and it’s a type of music, so it’s really interesting to watch it, you know? I want these kids to see it and understand the difference between hip hop or R&B or something more popular, and that’s why I wanted to start something like [the Young Neezy] mixtape and what they do, because you can hear that on it.

And where exactly did the inspiration for this go? What’s your relationship to rap and hip hop in general, and when did you decide that you wanted to make a mixtape?

I want people to see it and be like, “This is so cool. This is where we should be.” And I don’t care what type of music genre it is. If it’s R&B, or if it’s anything more than it, it’s a hip hop tape. And all the artists and they know how to give people an interesting story to hear, and I don’t just come at it from the perspective of like, “Alright, let’s jump on there.” I’m like, “Let’s go in.” I don’t care what kind of music people are listening to. That’s what I wanted. I really enjoy listening to people, and they’re listening to me listening to that rap guy. And that just happened. I think the story of all these artists, is really telling, and I think we should give people a chance to listen. I don’t want people to be like “Oh, I don’t know why he just put this album up now.” I don’t have to explain myself. Maybe I don’t know what hip hop is, but all I know is, “I want our generation to listen to this. That’s why I did, so they can be inspired to be like us.” [Laughs] It’s different, just like art.


That brings up a lot of questions that I am curious about. I think if you are in the genre of art, I know this is true. I don’t really have to explain it

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