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A recent study in the journal Social Neuroscience has found that what some of us will call ‘hip hop’ is actually a form of ‘viral-based personality’ – a personality that seems to emerge from the collective subconscious rather than our conscious awareness. In other words, what makes us who we are is not necessarily what we ‘think’ we are.

What’s really amazing is that it’s all in our heads.

‘As researchers we’re constantly being given the opportunity to observe and observe and observe the brain in action,’ says Dr Markus Kölber, the study’s lead author from the University Hospital of Duisburg-Essen in Germany’s Lower Saxony state.

Image copyright Dr Markus Kölber Image caption The researchers tested the brains of people who were playing a game about using words to describe a set of objects

“But if a lot of people were watching this behaviour in a brain scanner then their brains would actually be producing the behaviour. They would be behaving in ways, which would be very similar to what you’d actually experience in a real person.

“So the idea from the start has been that the thing is much much larger than the mind. It’s actually a collective intelligence that, in one sense, is not conscious.

“And it wasn’t a long way before we got around to looking at what makes people’s brains behave in a certain way.”

The study also found that this collective collective intelligence has to do with a particular way in which we communicate and the kinds of brain networks we use to do so.

It was when a researcher – Dr Daniel Schacter from the University of Michigan – had shown what the brain could do when he asked the study participants to imagine they could use these words to describe some objects, such as a bag of chips, that people were able to talk in a more social rather than aggressive way.

“You see how we talk and the way we communicate with our friends or with other people. And in the same way we can communicate more socially, even in a negative way.”

But people’s brains still seemed to behave as though they were consciously aware of how they had responded in a moment of crisis.

The researchers even found it seemed people could detect their own brain responses in the mirror and were able to adjust themselves in order to cope better.

There are two groups in the brain

“I think there are two groups in the brain: one is our conscious

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