Is Waacking hip hop?

Well, we do have that here as well. They’re a UK-based Hip Hop group. They’re best known for their “Yerself”. It’s an EP of about 20 singles.

Are They good?

It depends on your opinion.

Is the EP worth having?

Well, there are a huge amount of tracks. This is a good example. There are seven tracks in total, which is very short. We played them in the studio. You can tell that the band has worked hard in the recording process.

Is that the best the band have ever done in one session?

It is good. It’s a bit more like a demo than the EP that this is. I think it’s better because, you know, as much as they know how to do their bit but we were able to do more stuff than it would’ve been worth.

What is your take on them as an artist?

Well, we’ve been influenced by a lot of the stuff they do and we wanted to incorporate that element in our music. That’s been our approach, just adding something a little different. You don’t get the same feeling at this age where it’s like, ‘Oh, that was the last one’. It’s interesting and we’re going to keep doing this as long as it works.

Can you elaborate on this for us?

Just one. I don’t usually talk too much about other bands, but it’s something that they have, in one respect anyway. We’ve been inspired by a lot of stuff and what they’re doing to try and make a good song and that’s why it worked out. We don’t think we’re a good band but that’s only because we’re not.

How did it work out with them not touring?

We knew they had no place to perform but we didn’t know where they had been, or what they were doing. We got a hold of them the second they went on tour and got them onto Facebook and it was like, ‘Oh, no, no.’ But then that was OK because we’d got used to that sort of thing by now. We knew what they were doing already – they’re British. So we’d just be like, ‘Yeah, that’s really cool.’ When you see them, you’re like, ‘Wow.’

When you meet people like that, you feel what it’s like to be a musician in that moment.