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The term “hip hop dance style” refers to an array of rhythmic styles originating from Chicago. Hip hop dance styles encompass a wide range of styles and styles in general, that tend to combine a variety of moves, techniques and beats, which are then called as “hip hop dance styles”.

Dancers from the style of Hip hop (often shortened to “Hip Hop”) dance tend to be influenced by American music artists, such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Jay-Z, along with African and Asian music, among others. There are different ways to perform a hip hop dance move or style, which ranges from a single and simple movement to multiple movements. The dance moves or styles that we will discuss here are:

Hip hop dance styles:

Hip Hop dance style is divided into 3 main styles. As I have seen in my studies, Hip Hop dance style comes in many varieties, depending on the audience and the dance venue. Some of the different dances performed in Hip Hop style can go to be done in various styles that are:

Hip hop dance styles:

A hip hop dance performance is composed of two main parts. First, the performers sit down on a chair or an inflatable platform, and step on the ground and a table or table top as the dancer starts to move. Once in the ground, the performers take off onto the stage and start to move one by one in the dance patterns.

The second part of the dance performances, is where the moves are performed. The dances we see now are often performed with a group of performers in the crowd, and a small dance floor in the center. The performer walks along the center of the floor of the room. For a solo move of dancing, the performer moves with only a couple dancers in the audience, and the audience applauds the performer when the dancing moves are finished well and the dancer goes back to the crowd.
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Hip hop dance is also associated with an individualistic performance and the individuality and socialism associated with the style which is part of the overall image of the style.

I love Hip Hop dance style and love all of the different dance styles that can be heard from it.

Hip hop dance style and its importance in our culture

Hip- Hop dance style has been in existence since the 70s through the 90s, and is still present today. Many of us have seen this dance style performed in different venues and styles, and have

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