What is the dance called when you move your feet? – Best Egyptian Belly Dancing Music

It’s the one called “kicking a bag of bricks with your toes.”

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Speak to Caius’ father, Lord Caius. Travel to High Hrothgar. Search Jorasco Kinko’s bookcases until you find a chest. Open Jorasco’s bookcases and talk to Fjorgen and Aedra Aedra.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

A Gift for Caius [ edit ]

Once you become the new High King in Mehrunes Dagon’s name, you can request the services of Jorasco Kinko to complete the “Jorasco Kinko: A Gift for Caius” ritual.

Find Jora’s father, Lord Caius, in High Hrothgar, who is in his chambers by the docks. He asks that you be given an old book he has at his disposal, a book he refers to as “The Book of the Seven”, which is a reference to Jhunal, a legendary wizard and mage from the days long before Ysgramor. After you enter his chambers, speak to him about the ritual.

“You want me to make it? Do you? I’ve finished many a task for your father before. He’s even sent me on dangerous and arduous duties, such as opening the doors to the Dark Brotherhood for your father, but I’ve never met one less important than this. You’re not a child, you’re a ruler. Tell me whether this new task is a necessary evil, a necessary favor. Or an evil, only a temporary necessity. If you’re sure this is the latter, I can think of a better way”.

You should choose “For some reason, the answer I found for you is a little too… complicated”.

Upon answering, the

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