What is the dance called when you move your feet?

“When you move your feet to your left or to your right, you can be called ‘in-step.’ If you go back and forth between two beats, we’re looking for a good transition between different beats. When you put all the moves you make in one place, maybe it’s called a ‘loop’ or a ‘step-up.'” —Eric B. Jones (Rising Sun Records)


(Original Mix)

(B.B. King, Original Mix)

“This is called ‘3D’ because it’s always on, but sometimes you have to be on the beat, sometimes you have to be off of the beat. It’s very difficult for someone to change between the two. This was one of the first tracks we put out, and we called it ‘3D’ because it was always off the beat. But we always had to put it back on, even when we didn’t want it to be. We knew if we put this in, the album would drop. ” —Eric B. Jones (Rising Sun Records)


(Original Mix)

(Original Mix/J. Cole, J. Cole, Remix)

“This song was just kind of, I don’t know what it’s called, ‘4D.’ I like to call songs that are more in sync at the beginning of a track. This was one of the best songs we put out. This song has it all: bassline, vocals, a beat, and there is also a beat that goes off of the beat that goes down the middle of the song. There are different transitions between the two beats. But we used four drums on this and it was cool because we got to go four drummers. ” —Shakira


(Original Mix)

(Original Mix/Juicy J, J. Cole, Mix)

“There’s this beat, ‘6D,’ that is supposed to be in-step, but it goes off in different ways and then there’s a break that comes out off of it. It’s kind of like a dance number you could put on in a movie. What we were doing was saying, ‘How do we keep this track on a beat that’s going off in different directions?’ This is not just a song where you go off on the beat and move your feet to the beat, you have