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Yes. It was Michael Jackson, the “Thriller” singer who died in 2009. In 2007, he was in a serious car accident when he hit another car on his way to a gig, killing his four-year-old daughter Zoe.

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Was he a racist? Absolutely. He sang, “I don’t know what black people’s deal is, so why do we all have to be so concerned with it,” in a 2003 track called “Pappy Tambourine.” He was also recorded by the now-banned, but not forgotten, rap trio Cypress Hill before it broke up in the 1990s.[4] In one 2004 song, he rapped, “I’m a good person but I don’t know anyone who does drugs anymore/I don’t know who to blame for my own messiness.” In 2005, he was recorded making a racially insensitive remark in a song titled, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” which was apparently inspired by the 2003 car crash, in which he died.

Is he Jewish? Of course not: the rapper is actually mixed-race in a family of Egyptian descent.[5]

Did he have an illicit affair? No. In a 2003 single called “All About That Bass,” he told the interviewer: “Sometimes I forget that I’m actually Jewish. I’m so fuckin’ white it makes it sound real.”[6] In a 2009 interview, he said he wasn’t “in a gay relationship.”

Does all of this make him a terrorist? In 2005, he accused Barack Obama of being “Hitler in the womb.” During the interview, he was asked whether he would still play at Obama’s inauguration, to which he says, “Not now. Not until we have a black man in the White House.”[7] He later told reporters: “Obama’s like Hitler. Hitler got a point to make.” In an article in the New York Times, David Remnick says that he and other members of Def Squad had “never experienced a more virulent anti-Semitic campaign.”[8]

Is it true that he is Jewish? According to The Guardian, he is a mixed-race Jew with his paternal grandparents—one of them was the former ambassador of the State of Israel.[9] According to the Associated Press and USA Today, he is Jewish. On his Wikipedia entry, he has said that he was “raised Jewish in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood where my family was mostly raised by Jewish parents”[10].

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