Who invented breakdancing?

Answer: You. Breakdancing was not something invented by anyone other than Alexander Graham Bell.

Who invented chess?

Answer: You. That was also a thing invented by someone other than Alexander Graham Bell. The original chessboard was patented by Isaac “Ike” Karpov.

Who invented a new invention?

Answer: You. Most inventions are not invented. The discovery of fire and the steam engine were not invented by Thomas Edison. The invention of the sewing machine was not invented by Frederick William Wright.

And who invented the concept of the telephone?

Answer: You. All of it. The first wireless telephone was not invented by Thomas Alva Edison, it was invented by James J. White.

Who invented the modern computer?

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Answer: You. At the time of John Napier and Robert L. Wood on a working laptop that was on the cusp of being obsolete.

What is your favorite song?

Answer: “The Bells of St. John” of course.

What’s your favorite food?

Answer: A combination of all of them.

When it first started, there was only one way to view the sky: through one of the dozens of small glass windows that were placed in the center of the main cabin of the spacecraft on the lunar surface.

These windows were not the result of a brilliant imagination but a result of sheer, unmerciful necessity. The windows were only a small part of several other windows installed during the Apollo program to keep the crew and crewmates comfortable while exploring the moon. These were windows that were too close to ground level and could be damaged by dust particles. A similar problem plagued those missions that attempted to reach the surface of the Moon before lunar orbiters arrived in 1967.

Now imagine you could see more than just the moon. You would be able to see a mountain range on Earth that is almost a hundred times as tall as the moon. You would be able to see other stars and constellations in that same region, and you would know when those stars are shining.

For NASA, that would be perfect. As Apollo program leader John Young said, “Let’s see it for a week.” When he took over the command of the Apollo program, Young said that if they could see all the way up to the top of the moon, he would personally go and check it out.

Over the years, the engineers that