Why does Shakira belly dance? – Tribal Belly Dance Classes Near Me

She does it to cover up her breasts.

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I can’t believe the shit.

“When Shakira went to a studio to do some work and the director of the music video was watching, he was pissed because she wasn’t covering up or covering up,” he explains. “He said ‘You don’t get paid for that kind of work, you’re not going to get paid for this one. Let’s go.’ Then he went to the next studio and the same thing happened. ”


“The director would come down and talk to him for a few hours and say, ‘That’s what you need to do, that’s what the fans want. Stop getting rid of that look because you can’t cover up your boobs.’ We all saw it,” he continues.

Sasha’s breasts don’t cover up when she wears a dress. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern.


For this, he says Shakira’s breasts were cut to make them look less big and therefore less obvious and thereby easier to hide. “I was told she had to strip and give the dancers body double,” he says. “I was never told this. There were no body doubles because the studio that she was doing this in used to do fake bodies. A lot of those pictures were from that studio. So they were using different bodies. If they wanted to get the same effect they would have used different heads. I’m pretty sure if she was going to have a job done she’d have done it differently. That was the director’s concern.

But as it happens, Sasha didn’t end up doing the actual music video, and I can only assume that she has more breasts than she could need.


“People would say they were huge,” Sasha explains. “This was really the only thing they were going to see. That’s why they went for a naked video. They knew if some of the dancers saw this the audience would hate her boobs.”

Sasha claims that it wasn’t the director that took issue with her chest, but with the fact that she was a white mother. “The director was black. They said, ‘You’re wearing a white shirt. No one can see your tits. Can you get your boobs naked?’ I said, ‘Do I look white?’ I was like 12, but I was a kid. I had boobs. I look pretty white, so that’s what they asked me to wear.”

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