Did flappers have jobs? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photoshoot Ideas

No. Women’s roles in Western society were much more constrained than today. For every woman who worked she made money and was often a mother. It was rare that she could have a life outside of her role of child and housewife. If a woman worked it was done in her home environment. I am not talking about women who worked part of the year but mostly the rest of the year. The majority of those who worked as maids weren’t employed at all by a men only business or by a men only business. These women worked for their husbands and in their homes with no financial support. They often had more money then others, but it was not enough to live on. There has to be more to it, or it can’t be considered a job to begin with. I’m talking about being able to take care of a man and to live a life for him. This isn’t a women’s job. I am talking about work that you want to do because you want to have a husband and a children and provide for him.

I will be honest with you. I have seen too many men with wives who are very supportive to know what they really want and they just don’t work that hard to prove those fantasies out. Men come to work women stay home when the husband wants it or when he wants to be home. They don’t work because if they worked they couldn’t afford to buy them a house. For them the work is about creating a life for a man. It’s not about work to find sex or money. Working for your husband won’t solve the problems, but it will bring you closer to a man who could really love and care for you. If he loves you and cares for you, don’t let him take you home and take care of you. You will need time to learn to care for yourself, but don’t take his love or his wife away.

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In my opinion your best bet for working and raising a family are the men you are attracted to. They were the ones that brought you up to become a parent. They taught you how to take care of yourself and help your children learn. When you have a husband that has given you more then anything, he can teach you about your future as a mother too. That doesn’t necessarily mean you choose your husband out of your own volition, but it means he is the one that taught you the importance of caring for yourself and for your children. I say this not to judge the man’s decision, but because I

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