Did flappers wear boas?

There are two basic ways to describe flappers style, “flaming” and “flapper”. This can be confusing for those unfamiliar with flappers – but it’s not the intention. It is important to realize that you are wearing a hat that is intended to show your outfit and not to cover your “flaps”. Also, flapping may or may not be encouraged.

The term “flap” in the word flapper refers to the large, round flap on your right sleeve. The flap is typically the longest part of your outfit, and is commonly used to accentuate the look or style of your outfit. Your left sleeve is typically left open. This type of flapping is not considered flapper unless it is a part of a large, distinctive effect or style. Also, you may choose from more than one type of “flap”: The hat is traditionally “flappers”, but you can choose any style of flapper hat depending on your comfort level.

I can wear a blouse flocked with flapping. What about pants?

Some flappers favor wearing pants flocked with a plain, tight flapped shirt; some opt for two flapped shirts, or even just one, worn under flat, flat or sleeveless chinos; and some may opt for flapper pants in the same style as their flapped shirt. The decision is largely decided based on personal choice, style and comfort.

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Friday ordered the launch of a comprehensive investigation of all allegations of spying targeting the families of American citizens within the United States before, during or after the 2012 campaign.

The announcement could trigger new lawsuits and the creation of an independent commission, which in turn could lead directly to the firing of anyone responsible for widespread spying, Mr. Obama said.

The president said he wanted to restore “a measure of trust” in U.S. counterterrorism efforts, even as he said he would not tolerate any government abuse of the information gathered about US citizens.

“We will not tolerate this abuse. America will not be intimidated,” said Obama. “Americans should not have to fear that their government is listening in on or tracking their phone calls.”

He said the Justice Department, the FBI and the National Security Agency would “conduct a full and complete review, including any evidence of abuse.”

Obama ordered a broad review to determine if the spying campaign was properly overseen by a secret court known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and if it