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Did women have long hair? No.

Did women not have long hair? No.

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Did women have a long ponytail? No, they didn’t!

Did women wear makeup? No, they didn’t!

Did women not wear makeup? No.

Did you know that:

There is a long history in Hollywood of women wearing turtlenecks. Many of the women in that early Hollywood also wore short hair during their movies – in some cases, they just didn’t go up to a hair salon and have makeup applied at that point.

During the 1920s, many women wore long hats. In the 1940s, long hair was again the fashion!

There were many long-haired women who became television stars – Jane Russell, Joan Crawford, Joan Collins, Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland and many other women that helped bring a woman’s image into TV.

There are many myths surrounding hair length in Hollywood. These myths are all true. The real problem in Hollywood, and indeed the United States and other developed nations, is a lack thereof of female presence and representation on screen and on screen TV.

The biggest myth here, is the long wig myth from which so many women have been taught to take their long hair without caring who it comes from and who it was designed for, or why it was worn at all.

The truth is, women’s long hair was considered normal and even good, until the 1920s and well into the 1950s. That’s when Hollywood decided that if no one wanted to date you then they would just make you do your hair. They started to change the style – from flowing out to straight up, and the short bobbing style. That was the trend that started in the 1920s. Then, after a few decades, women in Hollywood started to stop wearing their hair.

That’s why today women don’t wear long hair anymore.

Here are a bunch of great articles in the past few years discussing the long wig, or at least those that are popular in Hollywood, that all have a great message about not being afraid to change it up.

Here’s one from Style Me Pretty, from December, 2010:

“So, is it really that long and wavy that I’m told I’m supposed to wear for three hours every day? “The truth is no,” says Lynn Smith, a hair stylist for many Hollywood studios. “Wavy

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