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What’s the scoop on the first-person POV camera? And can women shave their legs in public? Read up on these and share your own tips below in the comments!

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A former employee of Apple, who was fired last September while working on an ad campaign for the company, has filed a lawsuit against the company that claimed he was fired after he publicly said he was a gay and a gay advocate.The lawsuit was filed last month in federal court in San Francisco by a man named Scott M. Bernstein. The claims in the suit are vague. Most significantly, the lawsuit says Apple “failed to conduct a reasonable investigation” and that by firing Bernstein last September, it “violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights and his constitutional right to freedom of speech” and that he has “received death threats and is under threat of bodily injury as a resulting of his political views.”The lawsuit asks for a jury trial.The man who accused Apple of firing him, Scott Bernstein, claims that he became the target of harassment after he spoke publicly of his sexual orientation. He says his job at Apple was to develop an “experiment” for the company, and he started his new life as a gay man with two gay friends.”I have made no effort to hide this from people who knew me well,” he wrote in a blog about his new job at Apple.”I have been in business 20 years and I’ve never known an employer whose attitude towards my private sexuality would be more hostile, cruel or dismissive than Apple,” he wrote. “There is only one explanation for my sudden termination from Apple, and it is that Apple has an ‘us versus them’ mentality, and they fired me because they were afraid that they might lose me.”In September, two Apple employees, Chris Gaither and James Cakmak, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming that Bernstein was fired for “conduct unbecoming or disagreeable to a core Apple employee, and with a significant risk of materially adverse employment action.” Bernstein worked on one of Apple’s most recent advertising campaigns, which was produced by MuckRock, an organization that challenges government surveillance and collects information on how consumers interact with companies.Apple denies that it fired Bernstein, and argues that it has a policy against discrimination. It told BuzzFeed News that its internal policy includes a section that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but says it does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of ethnicity,

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