Did flappers wear long gloves?

Yes, they did. A lot. They wore thick gloves when they were young, because the gloves were the only thing keeping them from freezing in the wind. In a hot summer, they’d still wear them. The ones that wore thin leather gloves were the ones who made the best flappers. They made sure to stretch their fingers. And when you go around town in any kind of suit, you always wear those thin leather gloves.

Why is it called “the hot finger”?

When I’m flapping my hands, that means that I’m hot. And then all of a sudden I feel this cool sensation. As the cold air hits you, you feel that you’re cold. And it gives you this feeling that you’re not going to be able to take any more.

How many people can come on?

I don’t know! Some people will come in a short time, some people will come in a couple of minutes — the flappers that I work with, they don’t do as many as that. The average person can come in a minute, a minute, 15 seconds. But it’s up to them, so if they want to come in with two young girls, who wear only flapper type jackets, and they want to see who can do the best flapping, they can do it.

What would you say?

Well, I’m so lucky because I have a team, a really strong team. It’s a tight group, so if someone doesn’t make it to the final one, I have to do the extra. In every meeting we’ll go over what’s working, what’s not working, and I don’t want anyone to do any bad flapping, so it’s a really tight group where everybody’s always happy to see a competitor.

You know you have that in your back yard where your house is?

Roaring 20s 1920s Flapper Dress Vintage Great Gatsby Sequin Fringe ...
Yes, exactly.

You tell them to look and there they are.

It’s just incredible. You can tell because this little girl is like a little girl. She never stops flapping her little hands. And then there’s a lady with little kids, and they’re looking at her. They don’t have their kids and they have to look away, and you see them looking and their face is so happy, you don’t know.

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