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“Because you got on the plane, then if you were on the flight, and the airline put this name on your ticket then, you know, you became flapper.” – Lizzy Kaplan, flapper

Some folks, however, have found other reasons for their name. For example, some people who were named ‘Frank’ by their parents are also known as ‘Frank ‘n’.

What are some ways you might pronounce the name of an airport?

“You’ve got a very simple syllable [ch] on the end of it. So I can pronounce it just like my name, ‘Frank’, like a jolly, jodgy J, it’s Frank.” – Frank D’Arcy, flapper

How many times has the name been used at an international airport?

“Probably like one time.” – Richard, flapper

The former head of the National Security Agency has suggested that US authorities used the UK’s communications service to obtain the communications of some of the world’s most sensitive officials.

Sir David Omand, who served as General Counsel of the NSA between 2010 and 2014, admitted that US agency officials made “overbroad requests” on the behalf of government to access UK communications.

The admission was made in the final chapter of his memoir, The Battle for the World: The Rise and Fall of the NSA, published in the UK this week. Omand is also a consultant to Sky News, the former BBC Newsnight reporter who first blew the whistle about UK involvement in mass surveillance in 2005.

Writing for the Guardian on the eve of the publication of his highly anticipated book, Omand said that the NSA had sought, with considerable success, access to some of the world’s most sensitive officials.

“When a senior official is visiting our country – as one was in 2008-09 for a NATO meeting at the White House – the US ambassador would make a request for a UK government phone call or an incoming email from outside the country. The NSA’s role was essentially to fulfil the request, but by then the subject could no longer communicate securely with the senior official.

“As with the Snowden affair, the NSA’s role in obtaining UK communications was of major significance. It was a major breach.”

One example cited for the Guardian was the former prime minister Tony Blair, who visited Washington to meet Barack Obama shortly before the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi in 2012, and when the latter asked if Blair had

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