How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – 20S Flapper Dress With Sleeves

The flapper changed a woman’s role because flappers had a different attitude about sex and sex roles. As I was talking to my daughter about that, she said “She had that look in her eyes. It was almost the look of, ‘I’m about to kill somebody’.”

But the reason that’s not the right picture is that there’s no sexual expression. You can take that on. They had lots of expressions of emotion. This isn’t the thing to say but what it does show is that it was part of the culture that they grew up in — a culture where sexuality was a normal part of adult life. There was no sexual expression.

We all have a sexual expression but it’s just not sexual. It’s very rare. Women would be really, really embarrassed about it. Men would really, really ashamed of it. The flapper was a really extreme, out there statement of the time. She really felt like this has to be taken by the way of the times and the gender roles have changed completely — to where men don’t get raped, women get raped and nobody is raped. It’s this absolute change and it has profound implications over the whole lives. This isn’t an issue of one culture — there are many, many different cultures. Women of today and men of the past, it’s a different thing.

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I’m not implying anything against the sex industry that happened before, in the past, anything related to sex, or that women and men have always been at each other’s throats. All the history shows is that the culture has changed completely and it has changed hugely over the last 100 years so that today women are getting raped less.

So why is it still a story that has such resonance with people’s lives?

Well, a lot of what happened in the last century — the exploitation of children, men raping women. There were many, many stories that were taken with such, deep reverence and allusions. So I think that it’s because there’s something like a connection. It’s really very emotional, right from the beginning and also because people believe it has to be this way or it’s the only one that can be believed.

In fact, a lot of people believe that we need to turn things around. They think we need to change our attitudes to gender, that this is not normal or proper and this has to be changed, this has to be corrected — it has to be done away with. But it’s always been this way,

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