How do you do finger waves in short hair? – 1920S Flapper Dress Pictures

Carmen is my only girl!  This is why
Cheryl is my only girl!!!
How do you put on a lipstick?  
Do you have a favorite place to eat in New Orleans?   How would you describe my skin color?
A little brown, a little black, a little brown, some tan.
You know what I like?  New Orleans, the French Quarter, and some of the local food trucks !
Can you identify an exotic animal species in New Orleans?
A black bear !
Is it true the name of my song “Tiny Boots ” came from the fact that the song was originally sung by my sister to a group of girls who were getting bullied on the playground by a boy named Mr. Johnson?
Well, after all the bullying, I became friends with the song and decided to use it in my little song about being a little girl.
Do I like a man who has a heart for women?  
Yes! I LOVE a man who has a heart!
Would you be willing to trade places with another person to see if you are identical twins?  
Of course! My name is Veronica, and I am your twin.
Do you see eye to eye with anyone in a romantic situation?      
YES! My true love is the best thing I’ve ever been in!
Do you have a special place where you spend so much time?  
I call it Mardi Gras!
Do you find it very difficult to keep a conversation going when others don’t?  
It’s a lot of talking! No real talking!
Do you prefer to sing when you’ve lost yourself in your music, and when it gets darker, do you need to be able to take a break?  
It gets darker, but my best friend is there to cheer me on!
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What makes you happy when you don’t feel like dancing?  
Wishing for a sunny day!  Tired nights are my worst!
Who are your favorite friends and which are your least?   Why?
How are you going to make your mother proud of you?  
By making her laugh!  It will all be okay…if we can stay out of trouble!

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