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– My flapped hair comes in various shades, I usually like to have a pinkish-red, or a brownish/yellowish color so that it looks good. What are some of the most popular fave hairstyles for your clients? Any hairstyles that would be a big hit on their client list or are a must try because of fashion trend? – I have had a few clients with big hair on any occasion, and a few with long hair on most occasion as well. I generally like to cut my clients’ hair a size smaller, and then allow them to do some extensions in order to give them that “bigger than life” feel. You do your nails everyday, for example? – Not only do you choose the colors and styles, I usually choose a nail polish to match the rest of my look. – How do you find your nails, and what styles do you like? Do you wear your nails very well at other times of the day? Do you enjoy working with makeup? I think it is very easy to put the makeup on as well, so no worries about that. I tend to prefer bold or more dramatic colors. When you do do a photo shoot is it all photoshopped or is it natural? – Since I am shooting with a pro, I don’t bother with getting my hair perfect. My whole family is well into their natural hair lives and I’m not going to get that done. I think there is no shame in being natural, it’s just another way to be comfortable and show the world you are unique. When was the last time you tried to figure out how to do something in your hair? – It’s so hard to think of your own hair because I have all these ideas that I want to try and I can’t seem to make it happen. Most of my hairstyles have to do with the season, for example, spring is so crazy right now. I think hair should be fun, so I like to have a spring look. If you had one thing you would like to be more famous for, what would it be? – I think I would love to have been a TV show host, so that would be one awesome thing. I’d be able to work a lot of the time, which would get me a lot more comfortable with my job. I’d also love to have been famous for a long time, because that would mean I had a lot of followers to talk to, too. What’s the best haircut you’ve ever gotten? – I got
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