How do you do flapper girls hair? – Vintage 1920S Flapper Dress

There’s so many questions, but I will answer them all for you.

I have a few styles at this point, and they are a little different for each woman. Sometimes I use a different bob and other times I will cut it a little deeper (I hope it comes down below my shoulders but you never know with me).

My general practice is to leave a bit longer on my bangs but only so long that I don’t look like a bambi because they’re so long. This style works for me the best for flapper girls hairstyles. I cut them short from top of my hair to my eyebrows. The sides of the hair on the face get cut off to create a flat top part.

For more flapper girls hair style tips, checkout my flapper girls guide:

How to style hair on girls with natural hair

The easiest hair style to style with is the taper style.

I do this with the cuticles just like all my natural hair readers do. If I use two strands of hair I’ll cut half of one strand and leave the other half. The other half gets done in an overlapping style. There are four different variations of this.

Short with long hair.

My normal hair style.

Natural with long hair.

Just cut it straight with no taper.

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There is another option, the flat top. Again, cut all the way down the hairline from the top of the head. This can look great either with natural hair or with short hair.

If you’re looking for a more natural look with long and natural hair try this style. I also have this style in a medium length and long and short sections.

How do you style hair on girls with curly hair?

A lot of girls have curly hair so you will see these styles in the blog. I prefer this style because you don’t have to worry about the texture as you cut it.

When I’m experimenting with my curls it’s the same routine as above. Cut it all down from the top of my head, and use only a short section at the top to style curls.

How do you style hair on girls with wavy hair?

Wavy hair can look very masculine to me so I like to get it straightened out.

I don’t like to make huge sections like some of my natural readers do. You can cut a bit more to create that “perfect

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