How do you do flapper girls hair?

I really hate doing that! But you have to use my style that suits you and it’s not really a bad choice of haircut. It looks bad in any situation… I do have a few styles of natural hair, but I just have to live with my natural curls.

Do you have a go-to hairstyle?

It depends on the outfit. If the clothes are not flattering we’ll switch to whatever hairstyle suits me best.

What is your favorite hairstyle when it comes to makeup?

My hair tends to look natural on my shoulders and I really like using make-up. Sometimes I do really crazy-styled things so there are times I go crazy with my makeup.

Which is your favorite kind of perfume? What do you love?

I have a lot of love for perfume. It reminds me of home and I love smells like vanilla, orange, strawberry, and peppermint, but the most favorite perfume for me is a really fresh scent that is reminiscent of flowers and fresh autumn leaves. I always get nostalgic for my childhood in the Netherlands and that’s probably the best perfume you can buy for you. You can get the real deal, but there are some perfumes that are very light and pretty.

You’ve said that you don’t care too much about whether someone likes your music or not. Does that make sense to people who don’t know you?

Because the music is my life! I’m always going to be playing it and I know I’m never going to leave it on the shelf. When people ask me, “Do you care too much about music?” and I say I don’t care! I’m just playing music! I just love it! And I love my fans! I love to be where I am. I wouldn’t be here if my fans weren’t here supporting me and being fans of music. It’s really important to me.

You do a lot of photo shoots together like the Gossip Girls shoot with Jessica Brown Findlay or with Gigi Hadid. Are you friends enough that you are able to talk about your personal lives with them, or does your personal life not come up?

It’s just that we don’t ever want to say much of anything. We don’t want to say anything, but what I can say to some people is that as people we do a lot of different things, and we all love to do different things. We both have different strengths and different personalities