How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – High End Flapper Dresses

Well, you’re probably thinking a lot about the ’50s. That’s because this vintage look was a staple of women in the golden age of glamour — not just of actresses but of all the women who played the parts.

There’s an art to perfecting your classic 1920s look, and you have ample resources to do so. Below are 16 tips for perfecting the look and making it last.

1. Find the right fit

If you’re going for this look, the best thing to do is try one of these classic styles — you’ll likely find you like it better!

A slim-fitting blouse (such as the ones in this tutorial, or a slim-fit pinstriped shirt), a chiffon dress or a fitted blouse.

2. Pick your accessories

For instance, you could wear a small gold clutch, or a white choker or brooch. But the key is to find something with charm.

Also, make sure to pick a very specific color. This means that you will always look unique. You can make your pinstriped silk dress more unique by adding a gold fringe, which will also be worn in the back.

It’s even better to find a unique color for your buttons, which will add interest, and you can even do this with a vintage pair of pants in a white silk pattern.

You can choose to wear it with a slim tie, and/or a pair of glasses. Also, have some fun with the buttons. With something so specific, it will always make you look elegant; even more so if it’s something you bought in the middle of the 20th century rather than on sale.

3. Dress it just right

Don’t be afraid to wear a simple dress with little or no embellishments. It’s good to have some fun with the button placement as well. You can add a belt as well, or simply a little black and white striped dress.

Or, wear a dress that’s a little too short and long, and the buttons won’t match.

4. Add a touch of the modern

You don’t have to go crazy modern for this look. You can wear it in a slightly conservative way and still leave a lot of character. For instance, wear black skinny jeans.

Here we are wearing the same outfit and using a plain grey-green shirt. It’s a nice subtle touch for a timeless look

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