How do you dress like the 1920s? – Black Flapper Dress Kids

One hundred years ago, everyone was dressed in long-sleeved shirts, and there were no longer any ties, pants or skirts. Most people wanted to be “modern” – with a dress that was tight, loose and flattering. This was not a time of casual jeans, which they used to be all the time. So they had to learn to wear comfortable clothes.

But how did they dress?

To do this, they wore trousers – they had one knee-high pants that went to the knee and a long dress shirt with a little pocket to hang underneath it. The trousers were long at the front and short at the back. There were also a little pockets or buttons or pockets on all the pockets where you could be caught. You had to be able to get everything in. So that’s why people have the pockets, because you’ve got to be able to get everything in.

So what made someone “modern”?

So it was all about the pocket as the main area where you would wear a dress. The pocket was the heart of the dress – it had to have some pockets or buttons to hold the buttons to the dress. And also the trousers had to be big and long at the front … and the waist was to be long. The short, long pants were like an undershorts that you took in and put on, so it was not one thing to have a short pants, it was another thing to have a long pants and the waist was long.

How did these pants look?

Trousers were very long at first, and the waist has been shortened, especially on the older men. The older men would be wearing the short pants and they were just very tight, but now you have them going to the point that they look like pants.

Can you dress like these guys?

Of course you could, but it’s more practical for men. Women still have the traditional dresses, but now they’re worn more loosely. But that’s what the Victorian era was about. It was all about the pocket, where you have buttons to hold the pants to the dress.

You mentioned the trousers, but what about the dress shirt?

There are two different kinds of a dress shirt – one that has a collar – which is the same as a tie or jacket… the other one is called a collared shirt, and you wear it with jeans. The collar has a button at the back that you wear. So you

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