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Do you wear period clothes to work? Do you dress up like Miss Marple? Do you wear period clothing? (I mean, I was one of them.) Have you ever been to a dressage show before? Do you even know what dressage is? Or even if it’s an actual form of horse-riding? Do you ever think about having dressage classes or classes for kids or any kind of “teachable moments?” Do you use your real name at work? Do you use your real name at home? Do you dress up at your grandma’s house with her? Do you think about who you should be at home with? It’s not as if there hasn’t been an entire movement to make people, both genders, look and behave like the 1920s!

But that movement is largely confined to what it is trying to change. The actual 1920s are not even an “era” that many people have ever lived in.

Why that is is what this piece is concerned with, and why it doesn’t have a great deal to say about the fact that many people still see 1920s-style clothes in the same light as the fashion of their grandparents. And if that sounds like a negative reaction to this piece, it is. I have to admit, the very first comment I received suggested I should be more concerned about the fact that a lot of the clothes shown here are not actually from the 1920s. This is a serious reaction that is often expressed through a fear of loss.

I mean, we have to start somewhere. And I’d be interested in learning how many people are actually wearing these fashion items. How common are these items? How long are these dresses? Does the dress that you’re wearing in this article even qualify? Does it even matter? I’m sure these items are great fashion items, but I think it’s interesting to look at them in a wider context and to hear how the way we choose clothes and styles affects the way people look and behave.


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