How much does a toilet flapper cost? – Butterick Flapper Dress Pattern

The following shows the price of toilet flappers which are available to pre-registration players on the website. The most expensive are shown at $7,500. We have included these toilet flapper, toilet paper and toilet bags.

The $7,500 toilet flappers listed are the ones available as a pre-registration item.

The toilet flapper price goes up once you complete your pre-registration. The remaining pre-registration price and the price of the remaining toilet flappers are shown in the images below.

How do I pick up a toilet flapper?

There is a vending machine in the restrooms. You must walk around the perimeter of the restroom. There will be 2 vending machines. They will be labeled 1, 2 and 3. On either machine, there will be toilet paper, toilet bags and a small toilet paper box. You will be directed to the correct one. It is also recommended to ask the operators where they can pick up toilet flappers for sale. The operator should be able to direct you to the next booth as a customer.

Toilet flappers are available at most convenience stores for $12 each. They are also available for purchase by phone using $12 credit.

How do I pick up toilet flappers at a store?

The store you are at is the official toilet store. You can visit the store and have the toilet flapper you ordered on hand as the toilets must be in their restroom at the time.

Can toilet flappers be used by myself or others?

Carrying a bottle of toilet paper and a can of toilet paper bags is all you need to flush your toilet. There is however nothing to stop a family from using something like a towel.

Can I flush my toilet with toilet paper?

Yes. There are no rules governing this.

How do I get a plastic bag made from plastic materials to use with a toilet flapper?

We can provide plastic bags from a vendor. You need to have the $12 or $15 or $20 to buy them from a vendor. You will have to bring some toilet paper with you to get the bag.

Who is eligible to pre-register to use a toilet flapper?

Anyone that owns a ticket to our next game is eligible to play against our opponents. We also have an exclusive line where we can get you a flapper that you can use with your bathroom to help protect

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