Was the flapper a feminist?

I don’t think so, I really can’t think of anything she stood for that’s a positive thing about me, so yes. But I’m sure the flapper didn’t know anything about feminism – in fact, according to the Encyclopedia of the Revolution, women did not even enter the “revolutionary proletariat” until the 1850s. I think she was inspired by it.

The revolutionary proletariat was a term of abuse given to the working class which was used to describe all male workers who supported the Communist Party. Many of the female revolutionaries found their own ways to be revolutionary in an era when the most obvious ones were too radical for the masses. Some women would even try to be communist, not wanting to compromise as they had no confidence in that idea and their own political ideas. They would just work and support the Party.

I think there’s a lot of sexism in the way we talk about feminism and I see that as well. I think that in terms of the feminist movement, which we see around us, we’re all kind of fighting against our own personal ideologies. I know there are a few women’s charities that have done really good work, but there’s an ideological system there. There’s this notion that “The Revolution will be carried out democratically. It can’t be carried out democratically.” I’m not sure that’s the case.

I think it’s a shame because in some ways women are so great at organizing. Women’s studies departments are the best in the world and they’re not dominated by men anymore. And I see more women on television now than ever before. But still men still dominate the news media.

To ask about a specific historical event: It’s always nice to be able to say you were in it, but to know you were was always going to be weird.
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It is definitely a weird process for everyone involved – you’re constantly trying to keep a sense of proportion to your participation and keep the personal element, but also be able to understand it all and be proud of it. It’s so important in the history books, or TV shows, and all these things that say this happened, that these are the things that happened, when it didn’t. To be able to say we were in it was a big weight off my shoulders. I’ve never wanted to be able to say I was in this before.

As far as the fact that I’m the first person to have seen the movie, I was lucky that I lived close to the movie set