What accessories were popular in the 1920s? – Great Gatsby Outfits

From the top is one of the key “charm” pieces in all the outfits, the bow. At 18 inches in length, the bow made it possible for anyone to wear their outfit over a bow tie. In one outfit (see video) it appears as though an all-cotton bow may have held its own over a wide array of fabrics!

Another piece of accessory technology we often see mentioned today in discussions of 1920s fashion, is the hat. It seems that during the mid 1920s, hat styling became more complex, and this often meant that a hat was worn with less style, with fewer colors and patterns, or one was worn without any hat, especially in winter. This makes perfect sense as hats were an important part of the overall outfit. However, one can also see the rise in popularity of the hat as late as the late 1930s (perhaps even later, due to the rise in popularity of formal wear like vests and cravats).

Vintage Cream Silk Embroidered Piano Shawl Fringe Lace ...
What were new and different trends? It is important to take out any and all preconceived notions, beliefs, and personal opinions on these fashion trends and not only make these interesting, but also apply and try them on yourself! These ideas were created for various reasons from the social and cultural reasons to the practical reasons.

When it came to hats, it seems that men could dress as they wanted, but as they knew there had to be an interesting hat to bring to an outfit. For example, hats of the 1930s are very different from the 1930s, and some styles are not even recognizable today! Some of the hats of the 1930s were simply very long, and others were just short. Some looked extremely comfortable, and others were very practical! The 1930s also had some fantastic hats with lots of details. The hats are one of many items that made the 1920s look unique in the world. You know, those vintage hats that were like a mix of an era’s hats and modern patterns! The 1930s were an exciting time in fashion!

The 1920s were also the decade when people first became obsessed with the “fad” of dressing the way they wished for. People dressed up for a variety of reasons, for one, to get around the city. For others, the “fad” was quite practical, as the money that people spent on this style of clothing was typically returned to them. Either way, the “fad” was at its peak during the 1920s, and we definitely look back at

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