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A new study conducted in the US finds that while the US economy is growing at a slow rate, the quality of life for poor people in the country is deteriorating.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) analyzed data from the American National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (ANLSY). The report notes that the number of people making less than $10,000 a year (or more than $30,000 for individuals in the bottom 70%) is increasing, despite the overall growth being positive.

While the study also notes that it is important to look at a person by their income, the study does note that people’s income can play a role in determining how much they get for their own hard work.

“While increasing numbers of Americans in poor status are being employed less than they are performing, they are more likely to be poor than other Americans. Moreover, those who perform poorly in economic analysis are less likely than other Americans to have higher income than they could make if not working,” the study says.

“These results suggest that a high income can have many costs, and that such costs may affect many people in ways different from their own.”
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The authors conclude with the following point.

“A high level of income may help to explain why it is difficult to raise children in poverty as children of more affluent families have been associated with a stronger economic background, but may not be the main determinant.”

For what it’s worth, the US is only one nation where the poor are in the position of being in worse condition than the middle class. According to a study by the International Center for Research on Women, women in the US are now more disadvantaged than a few years ago.

For much more on the issue of poverty and inequality, take a look at The New American: America’s “Invisible Crisis: How the Poor Are Getting Screwed and What We Can Do About It.

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Image copyright Reuters Image caption Ms Zappone died after getting hit by a car in Rome on 15 February, the Italian authorities said

The US has asked Italy to investigate a death in Rome that has been dubbed “the car mafia hit