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These 4 words describe what flappers want. (Choose 3)




All Flappers Have Sex! #1 Flapper’s Choice #2 Flapper’s Choice #3 Flapper’s Choice This flapper had to find an alluring and sexy partner to fill her sexiest shoes. Then she had to find a partner that can show off her most sexual body parts. That was when she met her second lucky guy! You can’t imagine the sex this sexy looking woman is having with just her feet and her body! It can be seen in the photo above. Her feet are amazing when she shows off their incredible curves. She also shows us her awesome butt!

In a small room in the back of the New Orleans Pelicans’ locker room, a group of players gathers at the end of the third quarter, just after the Pelicans have just scored their 11th offensive basket of the game.

“Coach, I’ve got something I’m feeling great about,” a player can be overheard saying after asking the coach for an immediate response. He looks up a bit perplexed, realizing that it’s his first time in the game.

“How about you?”

“Coach, how about you?”

“Yeah, how about you, I’m feeling good about it.”


“Great. Good.”

A man and two women sit at a large wooden table behind a screen. They’ve got their backs to the screen and the screen is set up so that everyone’s heads are visible.

“Great, good,” they say, looking at the screen.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”


“Yes, good.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

They’re telling him to shoot.

Shooting, of course, is what the Pelicans have done all season long. They have a team high of 51 attempts this year, and only three players have made more than one basket.

It’s not that Anthony Davis is a bad shooter — he’s been fantastic over the past three or four games, shooting 38 percent from mid-range (11-for-33) to the break (14-for-31). But it’s very, very rare to see a player make 11-for-11, and

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