What are 5 words to describe a flapper?

The answer lies in the word “disillusioned” which describes the feeling of “disempowered” when flappers (as flappers are referred to within the context of their own culture) don’t do what they were told they would do.

To make the process of changing the way society perceives women even more difficult — and to make things worse — flappers are now often treated like they are not fully human. It is time for women to stop being so vulnerable and vulnerable again.

This is what it is: A picture of a bunch of naked, humping women on the subway.

The disturbing image, which was posted on Twitter, may have been taken by a woman in New York City, but it’s no laughing matter, according to the New York Police Department:

The image was posted by a man called @davidlindsay, who uses the handle @wtf_humps_ny on Twitter, which is not affiliated with the New York Daily News. One of the pictures showed a “hot” woman, and on the other a “very, very, naked” woman, police said.

The man claimed to have been “looking at” the photos and posting them to the social media site, but the authorities were doubtful that the images are authentic, NY1 reports.

The photos are disturbing, but not as disturbing as the woman next to them who seems to be enjoying the attention; the one with a man on top of her is particularly disturbing.

“I’m just looking at my own reflection, thinking, ‘Why did she do that?’ ” one woman said as she snapped a picture that’s just been revealed on Twitter.

Others are calling for the men’s names to be published so that other women with similar body shapes may also be targeted.

“We don’t know a lot about the sexual practices of people behind the backs of women and this is very disturbing,” police spokesman Paul Browne told reporters.

A New York Police spokesperson said that “all evidence we have so far indicates this was not consensual and that we are actively investigating an assault. The individual at the center of the photo is being interviewed by police and will undergo a mental health evaluation,” according to Gothamist. “If any charges are filed he would be charged with third-degree criminal sex act and will have to appear in court.”

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