What color were flapper dresses? – Flapper Dress With Sleeves

The only thing that I know is that there was one, there was a dress, it’s in this book, it’s in the archives, you know? But I don’t know the colour.

Was it red?

No. And I don’t know the name.

Did one ever exist?

You know, it was a red one, that was it.

Did you see that kind of a dress that you said I’ve seen before?


They were red dresses, I saw those two.

We have a little question on the show that I don’t know if you asked. Can you speak for the audience about that? It’s from Bob [Dillard’s friend] who says that he saw someone on the balcony with a red dress, which is interesting because that was a red dress that Bob came to you and said was available for anyone who wanted it. Did you do anything like that with those women?

Well, we got to be ready for that, of course. We wanted them to feel safe. You know, they didn’t know. When I asked those young girls where they wanted to wear a red dress, you know, they looked out of place with their clothes, they didn’t look like people. And we knew that that was what the person had been in the room with us, and how they were coming back from seeing the play, and, you know, I thought their costumes were really great because they had the same kind of look and they kind of looked like they belonged in a movie together and so that was the look I took. I mean, you know, the red dress was there for everybody. Nobody was denied, and then I had two red dresses. So you know, we had a little bit of luck. But when I started working with them, I said, you know, let’s see if their costumes are OK. And I was pleased to see, you know, they hadn’t gone through the pain and all that. Now, I don’t know how long they lasted until there was no more of them to go.

There’s a famous song that was written about this whole incident. I had written a song that was a play about it, it wasn’t something I had actually written. And all of this time we were trying to get the girl to say, “Yeah.” She doesn’t say a word; I ask her questions.

I just knew what I must be

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