What color were flapper dresses?

It was pretty easy to figure out that they were all yellow.

6) And in your opinion, what was the most memorable dress with colors?

I was always most impressed with the dress with the bright yellow flower at the hem. It’s the only dress I’ve bought from that store.

7) Have you always had such a big wardrobe? Did you have any specific goals? Were you always shopping for dresses?

I had a hard time finding a great white dress that didn’t look too girly and also made me look like a princess because I was always wearing a dress that fit me really well. So I began looking for dresses that weren’t too long and pretty. A few years ago I went to a big shop and they sold me a yellow velvet gown that fit me, and I loved it so much that I bought it.

8) You’ve said, on the page “The Girl I Couldn’t Live Without”, that a lot of your wardrobe is colored. Which color has been your favorite?

My favorite color is peach.

9) What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing?

My favorite pair of pants are my brown suede Levi’s. My favorite pair of boots are Clarks. They are so comfortable and comfortable. My favorite shirt are Levi’s. I think they are my best piece of clothing. My favorite skirt is my silk silk Marlene. My next favorite would be my white cotton satiny dress from Giorgio Armani. All of those items are in my closet.

10) The most versatile part of any wardrobe is the pants. How can I improve my wardrobe to be as versatile?

Most of my wardrobe consists of three basic items: leggings, pants, shirts, and scarves. For most things, you can find a skirt, jacket, shirt, sweater, boot, or scarf you can put in your bag if it happens to get you somewhere. You can also add some accessories if you like but these are fairly useless. So a good rule would be to always put a jacket or sweater in your car, even if the weather is warm.

11) If you could spend every day in a different city and do whatever you like for 5, 10, 20 years, which city would you choose and why?

New York. When I was younger, I used to come to New York from Florida twice a week. For a year, I lived in a small apartment in